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Beauty for Men
Косметология для мужчин
As a rule, the desire to "look younger" a man is not dictated by the signs of aging face does not show up wrinkles and folds, and psychological factors and a number of social factors.
Firstly, men tend to look solid, respectable for in the eyes of business partners to create a favorable impression of their consistency, success, high social status. Second, a well-groomed and youthful appearance allows a man to feel more confident and sexually attractive in communicating with women, increases his self-esteem.
Whatever was dictated by the desire of man to look younger, the problem of cosmetologists our salon - to achieve a positive, but the most moderate and natural result.
We receive it due professional care, the use of special devices Cosmetic equipment, performing injection techniques easier, "beauty shots".
The consequences of a visit to the beautician will be invisible to others, as we understand that most of the men are still influenced by the stereotypes imposed by society and the fear of losing the halo of masculinity in the eyes of others.
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