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Intimate Plastic
Интимная пластика
Intimate Plastic (Villingen) - the anogenital area, the clitoris, large and small labia, the G-spot
The quality of sexual life of women - this is a very important criterion that affects the quality of life in general. In fact, sexual disorders cause not only emotional and physical pain, but and lead to divorce, the lack of a full sexual life, happiness and making samorealizovannost women impossible.
Most men and women know what the point G (ji), also called G-Spot, Zone S, point Grafenberg, the stimulation that brings a distinct orgasm. It is believed that in their sensitivity G-spot is second only to the clitoris. Although it is doubtful the comparison, because there clitoral orgasm, vaginal there. Point G is the portion of the middle third of the anterior vaginal wall at a depth of 4-6 cm from the entrance. Zone G has a granular structure, since it is formed of the erectile tissue. During orgasm point G swells and increases in size (and sometimes up to 3 cm). However, sometimes it is difficult to find the point G. What to do if along with this problem, a woman is having trouble and clitoral orgasm?
Image Salon Kiki Mornet offers a service point increase in G without surgery.
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