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Massage for pregnant women!
Массаж для беременных!
Pregnancy, childbirth expectations - a wonderful period in the life of a woman, full of harmony and inner satisfaction. But at the same time, this period of great physical and emotional changes. As you know, an expectant mother becomes more sensitive, vulnerable. A significant physiological restructuring begins to manifest itself in the earliest stages of pregnancy.
Is it possible to do massage for pregnant women?
It is important that during pregnancy the expectant mother found a way to take care of themselves, about their health and well-being, because thus she takes care of their future baby. Walking, swimming in the pool, special fitness classes for pregnant women - all of this makes you feel good, aligns emotional state, and is also excellent preparation for childbirth. No less uncomfortable to adjust various conditions associated with an increase in the load on the spine, changes in hormonal levels, frequent mood swings, it helps special massage for pregnant women.
As well as classical massage for pregnant women helps to relieve pain in the back, relaxes tense muscles, has a calming effect on the nervous system, improves blood circulation and lymph flow. However, massage during pregnancy has a number of important differences. Movement hand massage should be soft, calm, rhythmic. Avoid abrupt, pressing action. Particularly softly and gently massages the sacrum and lower back.
Differences in pregnancy massage from other types of massage:
- The massage of hands and feet are used elements of lymphatic drainage massage, which is the prevention of edema, and when they occur - an effective means of facilitating the state.
- The massage for pregnant women is not affected by the abdomen. For the back massage use the position on the side, with a special cushion.
- Great importance in dealing with pregnant women acquire individual approach and consideration of each woman's emotional state.
- Consideration of the above features, attention and professionalism make the massage during pregnancy is comfortable, useful and safe.
The benefits of massage during pregnancy:
- Special massage conducted during pregnancy, helps to solve the following problems:
improve lymph and blood circulation, which in turn has a positive effect on the development of the baby.
- Relieve muscle tension and pain in the back;
prevention of edema of the limbs.
- Relieve symptoms of varicose veins.
- Alignment of the emotional state of deep psychological relaxation.
- Prevention of stretch marks.
- Harmonious passive load for women who can not attend classes in the pool or fitness for pregnant women.
Contraindications to massage:
- Prohibition of watching a woman obstetrician-gynecologist.
- Significantly pronounced toxicosis.
- Acute respiratory infections.
- Infectious diseases.
- Diseases of the skin.
- Chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system.
- Pronounced varicose veins with thrombosis.
high blood pressure.
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