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Moon manicure
Лунный маникюр

Their most popular and sought after in the spring of this year. It has many variations: discreet moon jacket is perfect for the office of the image and it will be very strict dress control. Trendy nyudovye and translucent shades on nails become visible with expressive well in a manicure. For fashionable hangouts or exit "in the light" select contrasting duets, as it makes the fatal beauty Dita Von Teese. She fell in love the whole world in his blood-red moon manicure. Lunar is also called the antipode of the French manicure, where the line is deployed in a crescent toward the free edge. It's hard to say where came the name - perhaps because of the fact that in the area of the nail anatomy sprout (white oval in the cuticle) is called hole or lunula, perhaps because the manicure is associated with a bright oval moon against the dark sky.

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