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Preparations of botulinum toxin in aesthetic cosmetology
Препараты ботулотоксина в эстетической медицине
Correction and prevention of age-related changes in the face - a priority of cosmetology. One of the most common problems with which patients come to cosmetologists, it wrinkles, often formed at a young age and is a consequence of hyperactivity of the facial muscles. This problem in our country since 1994, has successfully solved using botulinum toxin type A preparations 
Botulinum toxin A, block the transmission of nerve impulses in the neuromuscular synapses. It was on this property is based botulotoxins possibility of their clinical application. In 1970-80-ies. it was shown that botulinum toxin A can be used to treat diseases associated dystonia and hyperkinesis (strabismus, facial gemispazm, spasmodic torticollis). Somewhat later, botulinum toxin A have been widely used in cosmetology. At therapeutic doses, botulinum toxin is safe and almost no side effects. Currently in neurology, and in the most widely used cosmetic preparations of botulinum toxin A Dysport (Dysport®; Ipsen, Maidenhead, UK) and Botox (Botox®; Allergan, Irvine, CA, USA).
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