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Tibetan massage "Five Elements"
Тибетский массаж «Пять стихий»
This massage - for true aesthetes!
Your body, the warm glow of the candle flame, the gentle touch of living water, a light aroma of Oriental spices and healing sounds of Tibetan bells ...
The space of the five elements come alive inside you with every touch of the hands.
Massage affects the whole body, from the toes to the top of the head.
This massage has a beneficial effect on all bodily functions, eliminates muscle clips, increases the elasticity of the muscles, ligaments and flexibility of the spine.
What are the five elements? Five great manifestation or "mahabhuta": earth, water, fire, wind and space are at the heart of Tibetan medicine.
"Earth" - the energy, giving firmness ability to withstand external shocks. Responsible for forming muscle, bone tissue and sense of smell.
"Water" - the energy that connects the different elements into a single whole. Responsible for the formation of blood, other body fluids, secretory function and sense of taste.
"Fire" - creating heat energy is bringing to the maturation of something once emerged. Responsible for the temperature of the body, its appearance and vision.
"Wind" - is the mobility, the foundation of all movement. Is responsible for respiration and the sense of touch.
"Space" - described as a "lack of barriers"; In particular, it is this energy element forms the cavity, blood vessels in the human body.
It is the interaction of these five elements is constructed of ancient oriental art of healing exercises, which is more than 4 thousand. Years and is passed down from generation to generation.
This massage by balancing the interaction between the elements results in a healthy and harmonious state, not only the physical body, but also his emotional and mental state; indications: stress, fatigue, emotional and physical stress, diseases of the musculoskeletal system, joint diseases, diseases of the digestive system, muscle and energy blocks.
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